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Whilst China, India and Russia are coming up, the latter-day "Romes" are in decline, mired in hedonism and decadence.

Great Lakes Millennial Interview

The interviewer should have asked the interviewee to write a quotation using a word processing software on a PC and print it out to see if he could perform such as simple task, despite being so adept at social media and at knowing his smartphone backwards.

Millennials in workplace

Pria Viswalingam for the new six-part documentary series, Decadence, as he considers whether we are now completely bogged down in a mire of meaningless self-indulgence, and whether we do really need iPods, plasma screen TVs, Brazilian waxes and self-navigating 4WDs to achieve happiness. He asks if family incomes have never been higher in the western world, property values are soaring, if conspicuous consumption and material wealth have never been so evident, why are we so unhappy?

Decadence - Meaninglessness of modern life - Episode 1 - Money

Decadence - Meaninglessness of modern life - Episode 2 - Sex

Decadence Episode 3 Democracy

Decadence - Meaninglessness of Modern Life - Episode 4 - Education

Decadence - Meaninglessness of Modern Life - Episode 5 - Family

Decadence - Meaninglessness of Modern Life - Episode 6 - God

Whilst Pria Viswalingam looks at the problem as a conflict between the acquisitive culture of present day society on the one hand versus spirituality, the culprit behind all this is CAPITALISM and the PROFIT MOTIVE of CAPITALIST corporations, which take advantage of today's increased, anytime, anywhere connectivity to make their workers work anytime, anywhere, thus blurring the lines between work life, family and personal life, with work life and work time forcibly intruding people's family and personal lives.

The liars and charlatans of the dis-information society industry have touted the mobile lifestyle as enabling a balance between work and live but this is a load of IT scheiss.

If China, India, Russia and other countries go down this capitalist path, they too will eventually fall into the same decadence too, having fallen from their golden age.

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