Saturday, 31 May 2014

DouDou Linux

How to turn a Pentium III PC 500MHz with a mere 256MB of RAM into a "Ferrari" which can outrun a much more powerful PC running Windows 7.

Most people would just throw away such an "obsolete" PC, when it could usefully serve out the rest of its life as a learning "toy" for children.

Some people get terrified when they see this. "No it's not Windows", they say. "It's too hard to use", say others.

However, they forget that children still have fluid minds, with a curiosity which leads them to want to explore all new things intuitively, which is why children can adapt so readily to devices such as smartphones and tablets, even though they may not even know or understand the technology behind them.

Instead, it's such naysayers whose minds are ossified, thickened, hardened, rigid and unable to flow.

Thus they are enslaved to everything Microsoft. In their mind, they think - "A PC of any brand must come with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft OfficeSuite" - Now that's like saying that a mini-compo or fancy digital music player can only play songs by Justin Bieber and no one else.

Like a music or video player, a computer is just a piece of electronic hardware, designed to run software - i.e. human coded instructions which make it do what programmers want it to do, much like a music player will play any kind of music its user puts on it, or any video player will play any video its user decides.

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