Saturday, 9 February 2019


Since having a university degree today is important for one's career advancement and personal prestige, herewith is a proposal to start a distance learning university called Universiti Kari Laksa, which offers courses in a whole slew of disciplines leading to a certificate, all the way up to a PhD, with fees corresponding to the level of qualification awarded.

Oh! Since prestige is important, it must have an address in realspace within the good old U.S. of A. 

As Universiti Kari Laksa will be a distance learning university, there will be no need for students to incur additional expense to physically travel to and stay in the U.S. of A, to sit for their exams, to attend the graduation ceremony and receive the certificate, diploma or degree scroll from the university's e-President. Instead, the certificate, diploma or degree e-scroll, will be e-mailed to graduates in softcopy, which they can download and take in a USB-drive to a good printshop in their area to have printed out.

Universiti Kari Laksa will be a state of the art model of e-Learning which will rapidly propel Malaysia towards becoming a knowledge-based, information-rich, high-income economy by the Year 2020 (oops! postponed to Year 2024) and make Malaysians proud that Universiti Kari Laksa is amongst the top ranks of world class academic institutions.

The name Universiti Kari Laksa, sounds like "Laksa University", oops! I mean La Salle University in Philadelphia, which adds to the prestige of certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded by Universiti Kari Laksa.

Malaysia can award accreditation to qualifications awarded by Universiti Kari Laksa, and perhaps also Cambridge International University, in return for a percentage of commission from fees the distance learning university receives. This will also enable Malaysia to earn much needed foreign exchange.

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