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Some may say "What does Assistant Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Sairin Karno know about information and communications technology", whilst others may denigrate him as a "Luddite".

As one who has installed, services and maintained computers, including minicomputers, super microcomputers and PCs as well as data communications equipment, including modems and telex interface units for a major part of my early career and who later wrote about information and communications technology from September 1994 until now, I agree wholeheartedly with Assistant Minister Datuk Sairin Karno on this key point:-

“This generation no longer give priority to more important and beneficial activities. The future of youths will be affected if the trend is not monitored. The people will become complacent, until failing to realise that the trend is a new form of colonisation.” 

The term "neocolonialism" refers to a new, less obvious form of colonialism where the colonial master does not occupy and rule over colonies directly but through local proxies - a.k.a. puppets mostly drawn from amongst the local colonial elite who exploit their own land, resources, labour and capital for the benefit of the neo colonial master.

The growth of mass public availability of Internet access began in the early 1990s, around the time the World Trade Organisation was established at a GATT (General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade) conference in 1994 and since then, the drumbeat of globalisation, open borders, deregulation, free markets and so forth thundered through the expanding Internet, management consultants, through economists and the prostitute media, and that was the primary article of faith amongst the elite milieu I was unfortunate to have had to be immersed in until the economic crash of 2008 from which the world has not recovered, has resulted in many people waking up and seeing the light of the globalists' latter day imperialist agenda and how it has come up against its own internal contradictions.

Social media sites such as Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and services such as WhatsApp are based in the imperialist heartlands and have global reach into the minds of many people, especially impressionable young people who are led to think that they are "so tech savvy" and "so well informed" but in reality are sorely lacking in the basic use of computers for productive and beneficial work.

From my more recent personal experience of helping people, including friends and small business people with their their basic computer use - i.e. checking e-mail, sending e-mail, replying to e-mail, writing letters, quotations and so forth using a word processor, scanning documents, organising documents into appropriately named folders on hard disk, searching the Web for information, keying in GST reports and so forth, I realise that whilst most of them, including their maids, staff and even three year old child are adept at accessing social media on their smartphones and tablets, but they have a lot of difficulty or don't have a clue about using a PC to perform such basic office administration and office automation and tasks on their PC.

In one instance a friend had over 100 documents scanned by a third party, probably a photo copy shop, and the operator stored the scanned documents in a USB drive and when I opened the US drive, I was horrified to see that the scanned documents were named "scan0001", "scan0002", "scan0003", ......... "scan0130", which told me nothing about what each of the so named documents were about and I had to open each of them in turn to find out what they were about. So much wasted time in unproductive donkey work.

The person who scanned the documents obviously knew the technicalities of using a scanner but did not bother about the difficulties which such a thoughtless naming convention would impose upon the customer or end user.

Basically, the person who scanned those documents either either had no common sense, no experience of office computer use, was not trained properly, was downright lazy or a combination of two or more of the reasons stated.

I once used to joke about smartschools creating a generation of idiots by the year 2020 but it now looks like social media sites are doing a better job at creating a dysfunctional generation.

Also, most of you may already have read about the subscriber data of 46.2 million cellular phone numbers leaked online which were sold to scammers who have been making cold calls to unsuspecting people, several of whom have been conned into parting with their hard earned money.

The data leaked contains details of mobile subscribers' Identity Card (MyKAD), mobile number and even right down to details of their phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) number (a.k.a. an Integrated Circuit Card Identifier number) and their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number and given the depth of detail related to each of the subcribers' accounts which were leaked; this suggests that these could only have been leaked by insiders within the cellular telecommunications operators.   

Welcome to the knowledge-base, information and services economy where people abuse their trust and knowledge to do evil.

If you get such cold calls, do not entertain them but check with your relevant bank, credit card company, the police or other party mentioned by the caller, preferably IN PERSON and if they mention a bank or credit card company which you do have an account with, check IN PERSON with that bank, credit card company or whatever irrespective, to ensure that your MyKAD number was not abused to create an account in your name in that bank, credit card company or whatever.

So much for the knowledge-based, information and services economy. It's all a load of IT scheiss.

Article in Malaysian Digest  follow below.

Yours trully.


Uncontrolled Cyber Progress A Destructive Neocolonialism

18 Nov 2017 10:50

Details - Published on Saturday, 18 November 2017 09:23

KENINGAU: The world of cyber technology is a new form of colonialism that can destroy the future generation if left uncontrolled, said Assistant Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Sairin Karno.

He said communicating via the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and WhatsApp, among others, was the current teenage craze which created an inattentive generation.

“This generation no longer give priority to more important and beneficial activities.

“The future of youths will be affected if the trend is not monitored. The people will become complacent, until failing to realise that the trend is a new form of colonialisation,” he told Bernama after launching  Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Gaulan Excellence Award ceremony here today.

Sairin, who is also Liawan assemblyman, said the change in lifestyle to one that was based on technology and information advancement had left a deep impact on society, becoming an obstacle in shaping cultural values, mindset and lifestyle that is based on traditional customs,  Eastern ethics and religion.

“People today spend more time using gadgets rather than building ties and showing respect to one another...this is a daunting scenario. Something has to be urgently done,” he said, stressing that parents played a crucial role in controlling the use of gadgets among their children. 


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