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I have often times said that the Internet culture is a PARIAH CULTURE and the article by The Mole should tell you why.

The anonymity afforded by the Internet encourages people to indulge their worst characteristics without fear of being identified, thanks to SMART PARIAHS who help to abet their PARIAH activities, all in the name of "privacy" and "freedom".

The Mole article follows below.


Dark web menace, where everything vile resides

Written by Zaidi Azmi
(The Mole does not endorse and encourage Malaysians to enter the dark web and therefore will not provide any links to the sources and sites that we have visited in the dark web)

KUALA LUMPUR – June 3, 2016: If Malaysians think that the recently reported paedophiliac news was extremely morbid, then they are in for a rude awakening.

In fact, what most of us probably knew about such disgusting sexual fetish was only the tip of the iceberg.

The shocking reality is that the demand for Austronesian (Malays, Filipinos and Indonesian) children pornography has been steadily rising.

Although these children’s presence in the so-called “dark web” is not as abundance as those of Caucasians or Latinos, ‘caramel kids’ (as they are generally called) were definitely the in-thing among paedophiles.

The dark web is a lawless underbelly of the internet and according to experts, it accounts around 90 per cent of what is vile on the internet.

It is a place where your IT technician would usually warn from going into, and thankfully it cannot be entered thorough conventional search engines.

The dark web can only be accessed via unique web browsers that will conceal your internet protocol address that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to trace and monitor your activities.

The lack of accountability made the dark web a hot bed of criminal activities and it has become the breeding grounds of illicit drug markets and violent paedophilic behaviour.

And the fact that it is not a place for the faint-hearted was absolutely true.

The Mole has discovered that most of the children pornographies littered in the dark web were not your-run-of-the-mill industrial grade porn acted out in studios.

These despicable contents were real sexual abuse videos acted on unwilling victims, usually children aged 5 to 15 years old.

And with the help of a local ethical hacker (who wanted to remain anonymous), The Mole has managed to locate several sites hosting hundreds of videos of kidnapped ‘caramel kids’ being sexually abused.

One of such videos showed a child tied to a wooden stool as he was being tortured and singed.

Shockingly, it garnered almost 14 million views.

It was not disclosed when the torture took place but the video was uploaded two months ago.

Also, there was no telling if the child survived the ordeal.

But what was even more sickening was that some of the viewers, had, during the first time the video was uploaded, suggested other ways of torture in exchange for bit coins (internet money).

“I like the way his nose gave of that red afterglow after being burn,” an anonymous paedophile commented at the comments section of the video.

Another commenter wrote: “I have donated 200 bit coins so please do a video where you shove that d#%*o up his a$$.”

A viewer from another paedophile websites remarked that he wanted “a change of pace”.

“I find these kind caramel kids rather intriguing,” said a viewer using the moniker, SpankRay67.

“I don’t care if you think it’s sickening but I’m not the one doing harm to those Malay or Pinoy or whatever you call them,” the viewer added.

But of course, child-abuse pornography was not the only traumatic contents present in the dark web.

There was even an online cookbook website that teaches its viewers how to cook even human being.

At a glance the site sounded like a sick joke but as The Mole dive deeper into the content, the recipes were nonetheless “dead serious”.

There were pages dedicated in informing viewers which part of flesh was better for what sort of meals and guides on how exactly to cut them.

As if that was not gruesome enough, those who were willing to donate will get to see the host perform live mutilations of human bodies.

So far, despite various claims by several intelligence agencies, it is almost impossible to regulate the dark web.

Among the agencies who made such claims were the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Last year, its director James Comey claimed that FBI)have the technology needed to tail those who enters the dark web.

But IT experts deemed that Comey was not telling the truth and merely trying to bolster the FBI’s image in an attempt to deter criminals.

The reason said by one of those experts, Jose Marcelino Ortiz, was simply because the dark web was specifically and complicatedly built for privacy.

“They do not have the technology to monitor everyone in the dark web,” Ortiz said in a video discussion regarding the matter on Youtube.

“They can only monitor those who have already been previously inflicted by their technology’s malware,” he added.

Even so, Ortiz said that the developer of these dark web portals would always release new patches to strengthen the security and privacy of their search engines.

The Mole had sent Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) an email to inquire whether they have the technology to at least deny Malaysians from accessing the dark web.

So far, there have yet to be any reply, but considering how the FBI themselves seemed to be at their wits end to deal with the menace, it would be highly likely that MCMC was having the same problem.

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