Tuesday, 15 September 2015




Congratulations Jeremy on your win.

I sincerely hope that you will take your party back to its roots in serving the interests of the British labour movement and that you will end Britain's military involvement in the service of U.S. imperialist aggression in the world.

It is high time that someone stands up to oppose the neo-liberal misery imposed upon the British workers and people since Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979.

Roll back the measures imposed since Thatcher to curtail the power of British trade unions and reverse the wave of neo-liberal privatisations imposed on Britain's key industries, colleges, universities, the health service and so forth. Reinstate the principals of Clause IV.

However, I keep my fingers crossed and reserve my final judgement of you until you prove by your actions when elected as Britain's government, and I sincerely hope that you do not let the British workers and people down, like Syriza has done in Greece.

La Luccha Final
(The final conflict)

PS. The support which Jeremy Corbyn has received and the resurgence of enthusiastic support for traditional Labour Party policies is proof positive of pent up frustrations over the misery resulting from neo-liberal policies imposed by Thatcher and subsequent pro-capitalist New Labour Party leaders such as Tony Blair who made Britain subservient to U.S. imperialism and to the finance capital (the banksters).

You will not have read of or seen such scenes of workers and people fighting back against capitalist austerity on foreign or domestic mainstream LIE MEDIA but these protests are going on all around the world right now.


However, as mentioned in my comment to Corbyn, I reserve my final judgement of him until he proves himself to hold true to his words in his actions when finally elected Prime Minister.

After the treachery and betrayal of the Syriza government in Greece led by Alexis Tsipras, I will not count any chickens until they are hatched.

However, the key difference between Corbyn, the Labour rank and file and the trade unions is that they are solid working class, whilst the "radical leftists" of Syriza including Tsipras are a hodge podge of middle class, radicals who emerged from the student movement.

If Corbyn and Labour live up to their words in action, they could set in motion a massive pendulum swing which will sweep away the misery imposed upon the people of the world by neo-liberal policies dictated by imperialist agencies such as the IMF, the WTO, World Bank and so forth for over 30 years since Thatcher and Reagan.

However, until Corbyn proves himself in action, I keep my fingers crossed.

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